Hi! I'm Katja.

When I started many years ago, I had to learn everything myself and often did not know where to go and ask.

With Katja Loom Academy, I make analytics more fun, approachable and create an inviting space for people to ask questions.

All the things I teach are from my own experience working with many brands and marketing teams.

I'm really happy to start this learning trip with you.

What Will You Learn?

Hands-on lessons. Easy to follow. Relevant topics such as:

Profit & Loss Statements (PnL)

Read & understand PnL in detail. Get benchmarks, discuss findings with C-level & finance, drive actions for different teams.

Ecommerce KPIs

Calculate and understand important Ecommerce KPIs; from customer acquisition to retention, website, contribution margins and profitability.

Cohort Analysis & CLV

Learn how to read & calculate cohorts, customer lifetime value (CLV), understand if you are first-order profitable and calculate break-even.

Forecasting & Planning

Write financial projections and forecast revenue & profitability with high accuracy, even a long time into the future.

Master Google Sheets

Basic & advanced Google Sheet formulas, functions and chart creation tailored for e-commerce data analysis.

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Katja's Guarantee: "Laugh & Learn, or Money Returned"
Katja's Guarantee: "Laugh & Learn, or Money Returned"

Finding your way through Ecommerce Analytics can be a challenge.

With Katja Loom Academy, I help ambitious marketers & data analysts to go:

From not knowing where to start, an overload of metrics and KPIs ...
... to having a structured roadmap with what really matters to fast-track your success in  ecommerce analytics.
From generic advice & theory without practical examples ...
... to ready-to-use knowledge that you can apply directlyhelps you in your daily work.
From confusing calculations that are hard to understand and validate ...
... to simple, step-by-step break-downs with real-life examples and exercises.
From extensive information that takes too much time to work through ...
... to well-prepared lessons based on 11 years of experience condensed in 7 hours leaning material.
From wondering what a metric actually means and if it is good or bad ...
... to benchmarks & guidance how to interpret data and decide on actions.
From being uncomfortable asking boss or co-workers (and Chat GPT ain't good enough) ...
... to having a mentor you can always ask and an encouraging environment where every question is welcome.
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Katja's Guarantee: "Laugh & Learn, or Money Returned"

What Others Are Saying


"Having learned about the KPIs and working with Katja is helping me immensely in my new job.

I became the person who knows best about KPIs in my company and I now also feel super comfortable with data, numbers, analytics."

Influencer Marketing Lead


"I used to be very scared of numbers. It was always so cool to have Katja by my side.

Katja took my fear of numbers and took the time to structure them with me."

Growth Marketing


"Katja is one of the nicest persons I’ve worked with because she took her time to help and explained things really easily.

Katja would break them down and explain it really clearly so that everyone could understand it."

CRM Lead


"I feel more confident than ever before. I am responsible data analytics of a company. Two years ago, I wouldn’t imagine to do this."

Analytics Engineer


"Katja quickly helped me and guided me to figure out what’s the most important information that we actually needed.

We really prioritised which are the metrics that for us are the most important ones.

Katja helped me to set up this relatively basic pivot table and I had first view on what actually works."

Head of Product


"What I love about Katja is her crazy energy.

The moment she walks into a room, it’s just like, pow. You feel energised.

I really like her sharp, analytical ability to dissect complex problems, break them down into smaller bits and pieces.

And then also like be able to describe them in very clear and concise language."



"Collaboration with Katja helped the marketing team and the company to have more of a focus on the main KPIs and data."



"Working Katja felt like my mentor is advising me, and I enjoyed it a lot. Katja also trained my marketing team for them to execute the roadmap."

Head of Marketing


"Katja is very good at taking the time to explain things in depth and making sure that we’re both on the same page.

She also takes the time to show examples, not just explain."

Data Lead


"Katja made all complicated data things so much easy for us and my team to understand."



"Having someone like Katja opened up a completely new look on KPIs and how to work with them.

It was super crucial for us to have Katja in our team because it really underlined how your decisions should be driven by data."

Team Lead Ecommerce


"Katja helped me a lot with the xlookups and pivot tables and figuring out crazy formulas in Google sheet."

ex-Partnership Manager


"Learning how to ask the right business questions from Katja was a game-changer for me."

Head of Online


"I always called Katja the data queen when I talked to friends about her.

She made it look like data’s not just for nerds but something tangible and important."

Founders Associate


"Katja really went deep into things you sometimes wouldn’t think of data people, looking into P&L and finance.

This learning experience together was always super nice and I always felt it was very much goal oriented."


Start Your Journey Today


We're working hard to give you all the answers, as we believe that every brand should get YouTube working for themselves. Anything we've missed?

Does YouTube work for every type of company?

Yes, YouTube ads can work for both B2C and B2B, considering you have the basics right.

We don't recommend YouTube ads for e-commerce D2C businesses with less than €100.000 revenue per month and/or less than €1.000 marketing spend per day in other channels.

We recommend you to scale search, shopping and Facebook ads first, before starting out with YouTube.

The barrier to start YouTube ads is higher, due to production costs of creatives & a more extensive initial research & setup.

What if we already tried YouTube, and it didn't work?

We found that many clients made this experience. There are a few major reasons why YouTube might not have worked for you.

First, the creative. You most likely used short form creatives (less than 2 minutes), potentially a TV commercial or ad creatives you ran on Facebook/Instagram. That's not the way to go. We have built a system that helps you structure YouTube ad creatives the right way.

Secondly, targeting. You can target broad, but it will not get you the ideal outcome. On YouTube, you have the chance to also target intent data (based on search queries happening on Google or YouTube), which you cannot do on any other push channel.

What if our customers are not on YouTube?

YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. Considering that fact, there is little to no chance that your customers aren't using YouTube or Google consistently.

Who is Katja?

Hello! I'm Katja. 😊

I've been diving into data and analytics for the past 11 years. I started my data journey in research - at Charité University in Berlin and Manchester University where I analysed biological data.

At Zalando and Delivery Hero I worked on real-time machine learning system for fraud prediction. Then I joined a D2C beauty startup as Head of Analytics & BI where I built business and marketing analytics from scratch.

Over the past four years, I've helped dozens of brands with data & analytics, building BI teams and data infrastructures from scratch, established marketing and business analytics. I was also fortunate to help two startups raise total of $20 million Series A funding.

Now I've been freelancing for over a year, working with German and international brands and helping marketing teams and C-level become more KPI-driven and analytics-savvy.

Teaching is another passion of mine. At Zalando Academy, I co-created two analytics courses for business people. The courses were so successful, that they were booked out two seasons in advance.

I also co-created a data science course at FrauenLoop, an initiative that supports women in tech.

Want to learn more about me or have questions? Write me a DM on LinkedIn :) .

Can my employer cover the costs?

Many companies provide an education budget to cover training costs. I've prepared an email template for you.

Use it as a guide to explain to your employer the value of enrolling in the academy for your professional development and the potential benefits for the company.

Hi [Your Employer Name],

I thought it could be helpful for our business to further improve my ecommerce analytics skills.

I've come across Katja Loom Academy, which teaches how to extract insights from advanced data like cohort reports, write accurate financial projections and forecasting, and calculate ecommerce KPIs such as CLV, CAC-payback, and P&L.

It is a 7-hour course that I can complete within one day, or over the course of just 1-2 weeks with little time investment.

I will also have access to Katja - she is Head of Analytics & BI and has worked with many brands in marketing and business analytics.

I feel it could be a good resource to improve our analytics capabilities as a business.

And it is like having a fractional Head of Analytics who will help us with data but at much lower cost :).

Katja Loom Academy is priced at $977 as one-time payment (or 6 payments of $166.17/month) and comes with money-back guarantee, which means we can get access without any risk.

I will have life-time access to the current and all new lessons. Right now, there are a few limited Bonuses available as well.

You can
check out the course page and Katja's LinkedIn for more details.

I'm really eager to start soon and get our ecommerce analytics to the next level.

Do you think we could approve the budget for Katja Loom Academy for me?

[Your Name]

How long can I use the course materials?

You've got a lifelong access to the academy! 🚀

I'll regularly add new videos that cover fresh use cases and concepts.

All future content & lessons about Ecommerce Analytics will be included in your lifetime access for free for you.

How long will it take to go through the academy?

I designed the academy for people like you and me: busy and ambitious.

The academy is currently condensed to 7 hours - including hands-on exercises.

One hour per day and in a week time you will be rocking ecommerce analytics.

Will I receive a certificate once I successfully finish the course?

Of course - I want you to be proud of your accomplishment and celebrate the win. You will receive a certificate upon completing the course.

Share your success on LinkedIn too - show your new skills to the world!

How is the course material presented?

The academy includes instructional videos that break down concepts, each paired with practical examples and step-by-step calculations in Google Sheets.

Templates and exercises are provided to further enrich the hands-on learning experience.

Can I talk to you or other students?

Yes, of course!

I know how important it is to have people around to ask questions.

You'll have access to a special channel on Slack, where you can connect with me, fellow students, and celebrate your wins together.

It's about making learning super comfy and fun in the trusted environment.

We will also have 1:1 check-in and I organise regular "Ask Me Anything" sessions just for us to connect even more. Come on in, let's have a chat!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, 100%. I want you to succeed and I will be happy only when you are.

If you went through all materials, participated in the AMA session, had a chat with me and feel you did not get any value out of it, drop me an email and you will get your money back, no questions asked.

Why is there a winter hat in your logo?

Good question ;)

I am from a cold country (Estonia). Without a hat, I would be freezing.

Here you can see me working on Katja Loom Academy with my winter hat:

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  • Have an expert & mentor you can always ask
Katja's Guarantee: "Laugh & Learn, or Money Returned"

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